About Online Speedometer

Measure the speed of your car, bike, the speed of your boat, the train or even the plane your on!

Online Speedometer is your personal pocket Speedometer that utilizes the GPS by showing you the actual speed you are traveling in a very cool way.

You can use the Online Speedometer to measure the speed of your car, bike, cycle, boat, train or even the plane you’re on or while walking. Choose between km/hr, Miles/hr or Meter/sec speed display on the dashboard.

How To Use

Go to the website onlinespeedometers.com and it will ask you to allow it to use the GPS device. This is default behavior of Online Speedometer, that it want to use the GPS of your device. Please allow the device to use this information.

For best results wait until you see “0” on your dashboard and start measuring your traveling speed.

Online Speedometer Features